Tuesday, 24 January 2012

The MOTOR van

Recently someone asked me to paint their van, here's the result!
(The van lives in Bethnal Green and drives to market in Brick Lane on Sundays:)

Last sunday in Stockwell:

Friday, 13 January 2012

Pictures Roskilde 2011 by Martin Adreasen

I just got hold of some fantastic pictures taken by photographer Martin Andreasen, at the Roskilde festival last year:

This last picture if from a series he's doing of different graffiti artists, posing in front of their own pieces, called 'EyesCold'... He just exhibited it at "Hallen Kunst" in Germany, the prints will be for sale here (soon): http://www.hallenkunst.de/art-store/

 Here the one he did of me:

You can check out his work here: www.martinandreasen.dk and www.facebook.com/martinandreasenphoto
Thanks for the gorgeous pics!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012

Lean Body

Went for a little new year warm-up paint in the local car park on Sclater Street this weekend.
I struggled a bit with what to paint, and in the end, had to resort to gaining inspiration from a bit of rubbish lying on the ground...A fat man eating the words "Lean body".

To the right: SoloOne's piece: check it out here: www.soloone.blogspot.com

Thursday, 5 January 2012

2-faced X-mas decorations

This year we lost our christmas decorations and I ended up having to make some new ones: presenting the 2-faced X-mas decorations, one side is naughty & one side is nice....

Banker wanker

After the last piece in Stockwell, which turned out a bit.... well let's say childrens bedroom:) I had to do something a little less nice. On the bus ride, on the way to Leake street we passed the "Occupy London stock exchange" demonstration, which ended up providing the inspiration...



Back in November we had visitors from Denmark, Italy and Ireland:)
We had a couple of great paint days...
Here's what I did in Stockwell: