Tuesday, 12 July 2011

Roskilde festival 2011

After many years absence, I finally went back to enjoy the legendary Danish music festival "Roskilde", but this time as part of the graffiti camp.
A load of artists from all around the world whom are in charge of decorating the mile long fence around the festival area...
We had lovely weather, a container full of Molotow cans, a bunch of really fantastic people and almost 5 days of painting....

My first wall was mega:

The second one, medium:

And finished off with a mini sign for the wonderful Christiania Falaffel....

The sign was literally finished the moment hundreds of thousands of crazed people flooded into the festival area, and from then on we put down the spray cans, picked up the beer cans and started partying!

Amongst the other festival guests were my bestest buddy who wrote a little blog piece about me, you can read it here:

You can also see more pictures of all the work on Molotow's site:

And here is the festivals website:

Finally a very big thank you to LARS who made it all happen:)

Saturday, 9 July 2011

Gorilla update

The gorilla I painted for Bristol Zoo has now gone up;

You can see mine and the rest of them HERE.