Tuesday, 28 December 2010

Don't bite off more than you can chew...

After a long and lazy christmas paint pause (partly thanks to the weather), I dragged myself down to Leake st. this morning with my newly acquired thermos flask and digital camera!
Ended up having a really great paint day nxt to these guys:
mobusy & Rioh1 & friend who'm I'll put up a link for as soon as I find one...

I decided to do some people who overdid xmas a bit, like me!
The characters are stuffing themselves with turkey and swimming in gravy:

Tongue swallows some specially made "motor-Rennies" next to man a sleep in the corner.

More eating! And finally; wide shot:

Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Tomorrow I'll miss you...

On 12th december Solo, Myself and Bonzai went to paint Stockwell yet again...
Here's me looking quite a lot like the character I'm painting!

SoloOne's piece: I don't think he was totally satisfied with this, but I'm loving it! (No McD pun intended!)
Bonzai's piece, see it here on his blog...

I didn't know it at the time, but my 19yr old (in human years!!) cat Buster, is going to be put to sleep today, due to illness and old age - I will dedicate this to him, after all when you've known someone for 19 years they are closer to you than most, and yes; Tomorrow I'll will miss you!!

prints for sale

In case you're short of a christmas present you can order one of my new prints....
I can get them to you with one days notice (if you're in central london and can be bovered to get the train to liverpool street to pick it up)


A3 is £80
A2 is £150

Please email me if you're interested for further details: mariemotor@googlemail.com

Leake street 6th December

The day after the big duster paint in Stockwell we went out for another session at Leake street before our friends from Ireland had to catch a flight - here's what we did:

"Get dressed for Depressed" - some sort of metaphor for what it feels like going out doors at the moment...
RASK ireland:
SoloOne did something a bit more warming...

Stockwell 28th November

This is a while back, on the 28th November Solo and I braved the cold and went painting in sub-zero temperatures, hence the result...

... we only had to wait till the next day for the snow to fall and add the finishing touch to the work! (This great image is by Datachump, see his flickr streem here)

Wednesday, 8 December 2010

stockwell 5th dec 2010

This was a pretty big day, not just with regards to the size of the wall and the amount of people there, but also the names...
"Duster" from NYC - (now LA) came by Stockwell, he's been painting since I was in my mums belly and you can see him here in this awesome documentary from way back!

you can also read a more informed pov on SoloOne's blog here:

Duster then:
And now

Solo's piece:

And here the final piece, in order of appearance "Rome, Merc, Baqsr from Ireland, SoloOne, Rask, Duster, Don & me...

Thursday, 25 November 2010


Here's what SoloOne and I got up to Saturday 20/11/10 in Stockwell.
I wasn't really meant to do this piece, but when we got down there someone'd left me a poo (!!) in the corner, so some characters throwing up seemed appropriate!
Can you find my name?

Solo however was completely undisturbed by the event and made this awesome piece which you can read more about on his blog

Saturday, 13 November 2010


And now for the German speakers:
Here's an article about this awsome photographer SoloOne introduced me to a couple of weeks back, called Eddie Bohnert... and in there a pic of my piece at Cordy house.

You can see an interview with Eddie & SoloOne here (and a whole load of great shots from around east London)
The clip starts at 17:30 minutes in....

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Monday, 8 November 2010

Saturday, 6 November 2010

This is what I will be listening to next time I paint:

Vauxhall community centre 4&5th November 2010

This is a project I have been doing for the last couple of days with Steadhead & Susie from Babooshka....

The main wall was done as a city scape with a man and a woman.
This awsome face and tree was done by the lovely Megan who came all the way from Isle of man to help out!
Here's one we did together....
and finally, a wave of people.

Check out Stedhead's awsome blog here: