Thursday, 17 March 2011

movie trailer

Here's a trailer for a film about street art around east london with a bit of me in it. I ran into the guy last summer when he was out shooting - very kindly he did not use the shot of me breaking a sliver marker pen and spilling the content all over my self!

Tuesday, 15 March 2011


Way back Tom came down to Leake street and made a little video... You can see it here:

Last weekend

Last weekend we had visitors from Copenhagen and Ireland. Their crew had their 20th anniversary! I went along to the 3 day paint marathon....
We started on Saturday in Stockwell:

Sunday we went to Leake side - some place way out east along the Thames! Tom came along and took some pictures of the area, see them here: LINK

I managed to give most people a bit of a headache with this piece:

Finally monday, in Leake street, we were all knackered so took it easy and enjoyed the sun.

Puh it was a hard, but great weekend, thanks everyone! You can see all the pictures on SoloOne's blog and some far more detailed commentary... LINK